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Originally Posted by Sam335ix View Post
you know, @#$@ happens to all of us. I am 40 and never been married, I am dating the same girl and living together for the past 8 years and I dont have any plans to get married... yet! Relationships are all difficult, you are putting two people with their own set ways and asking them to cater to one another for the rest of their lives. Some can make it, some fail, some just deal with each other for a while or forever.... If you are not sure, even about one thing about your partner you should never ask the question to begin with.
This is true. Most people get married just because it's the next step. Just like having kids.... We're married now so what's the next step... a kid. I've been to dinner with people who have been married for a year and watched the flame of their relationship fizzle out right there at the table. They don't talk about important things before getting married. I'm amazed by this.

When someone asks me about kids and i say i don't want kids the very next question from a woman is, What does your wife think about this? Like we haven't talked about that crap or something?!?!? Really!? if it's a man, the response is usually, Oh, cool.

My wife and i had similar view points on the important stuff (religion, kids, money, where we'd live, future plans, current debt) and with that in place we figured the rest of it didn't matter so much. Nearly 11 years later, everything is still good.
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