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Originally Posted by FwdFtl View Post
Interesting info here.

Have any of you guys ever been engaged and then got cold feet?

If so, what was your rationale to solidify your decision?
I have. Reason behind it was that in our engagement (8 months) she slowly changed how things were done once she thought she had me "tied down" so to speak. It changed from a "us" decision to a "her" decision for almost everything, which wasn't working for me. I also started getting questioned on things like why I worked as much as I did/do (this was shortly after starting my business), who I would be talking to at 10 at night on the phone (business partner), as well as other things. We had a talk about all of this at one point, and it did get better for a while, but it all went back eventually. She admitted that, in the end, she somehow couldn't deal with the fact that we weren't spending as much time together and was jealous of the time work was taking away from our relationship. Things ended amicably, thankfully, and we still are friends to this day. She is now happily married and has a kid, and I have a wonderful girlfriend who understands the work that owning a business takes given that she grew up in that environment.
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