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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
I'll add to this thread that my st60 pads also fit very tightly like you are describing, but they have loosened up after a couple years of use and probably 30+ pad changes. The rear st40 pads slip right in and out and are much easier to change.
While I applaud stoptech for sending you a new caliper, I personally wouldn't want to be bothered with installing them. Just file down the pads or the abutment plates in the caliper and be done with it.
I'm with you. Apparently the new calipers I had were made with the same slightly "off" abutment plates. I unscrewed them and flattened them out and they're fine. No problems.

Despite this manufacturing glitch, Stoptech produces top quality products. They make the pads a little "tight" to control noise and it's a strategy that works.