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I am very disappointed to say it, but in my opinion, I do believe the torch BMW has carried is being passed on to the other manufacturers.
I had an E36, drove an E46, and have an E90 now. I have driven an F10 and F30 and also am fairly current on automotive news. My E36 was a pure driver's car - excellent steering, feel, and it felt alive. The E46 I test drove back a year ago was similar. My E90 although slightly number than the E36 is still a good modern interpretation of the core traits of BMW - handling, precision, and the feel of driving.

With the F30 I had for a weekend, that driving feel was absent. Not saying it was a bad car - it in fact was quite good. It had a lot of nice entertainment/communication features, the engine had good fuel economy, nice space, and it was reasonably quick. The sound of the inline 6 was not there, the smoothness was not there, and it didn't handle nearly as good as my E90. The F10 was a similar experience.

I am a BMW fanboy but I am getting very disappointed in their current products and the deviation from their core traits back in the E30, E36, and E46 days. If they do not get themselves back in to what made them great, I will jump ship because most of the manufacturers (Lexus, Audi, Infiniti) are catching up.
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