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I would like to take this moment to thank everyone for the support. This isn't going to be your typical GT3RS, we're going to throw in our own revolutionary advances as well. This will be a very special car. Thanks for letting us use your credit cards Gennaro, Mike Benvo, and everyone else we kidnapped.

Revolutionary Advancements:
-Three wheel drive for grip.
-Mismatching shocks for handling(we couldn't settle on one brand so we used all four).
-154psi turbo set up for torque
-.0002psi supercharger for horsepowers
-Cast internals
-Torque converter taken from a Honda Accord
-Dual clutch manual (basically a manual transmission with an extra clutch, so a total of four pedals)

Judging from the rate that we are going at..this build should be done around the same time as Gintani's twin turbo setup.