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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Damn, dude. That's where I was, too. Plus she was not much fun and had no sex drive of her own. I envy you for figuring it out after only 2.5 years. It builds tons of resentment and is a huge hit on self-esteem when you do everything and get nothing in return but someone to hang out with. Sounds like she's using you. It's a big hole to climb out of via counseling...probably impossible... so unless you have strong feelings (other than neediness) I'd suggest cutting your losses and moving on. I did after 13 years an am super happy now and dating all kinds of fun, ambitious, fit, sexy, independent, successful women, every one of which wants a serious relationship. I get my pick when I'm ready to settle down, and have tons of fun in the mean time

Foxrus: unless your ex's new guy is loaded, she probably would've taken forever to remarry. I will never be in a relationship with someone who has (or, probably, has ever had) lots of consumer debt.
Good advice here!