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Originally Posted by DetailersDomain View Post
The product is simple to use but lists step by step instructions for better results.
Did you wash the wheel and use Rustopper after the car has been driven or after it has sat for a while?
Did you wash your wheel, rinse off the soap and dirt, then while still wet spray Rustopper liberally on the face of the rotor?
The rotor should be wet from the solution and should be allowed to dry before continuing on the rest of the car.
We have not had any other unsatisfied customers, some just needed a little direction on how to use since itís such a new product.
So just to clarify, the product should not be rinsed after having it sit there for a few minutes?
What I did was I first started washing the car, then I washed the wheels with Sonax, rinsed, left the wheels drain some of the excess water before applying the product. I left the product sit for a good 10 minutes and then rinsed off and didn't see any changes.

I should leave the product on the rotor without rinsing? Will that after any discoloration to the wheel or calipers?