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Originally Posted by Foxrus14 View Post

Thanks the the advice man. I would imagine if your paying alimony though all of a sudden she wouldnt want to get married to fast, either would the other guy. Banking 1k a month for no reason.
Yeah it seems to me that if the other guy makes a middle class income then then probability of your alimony covering the difference in federal income tax liability from filing "married jointly" to filing individually is higher.

The more income this other guy (and/or your ex) makes, the greater the tax penalty for not being married and filing jointly. I guess that's the good news especially given that 1k/month in alimony is not really a lot of money to begin with.

Man though, I'm imagining a scenario where an ex-wife gets, I don't know, $10M/month in alimony (I'm just throwing out an absurd number here) from her ex-billionaire husband. I suppose in all likelihood this would totally eliminate her incentive to get married to her current significant other if it meant forsaking that $10M/month.

I'm not a lawyer or anything and I'm just talking out loud here, so take what I say with a grain of salt.