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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
2.5 year marriage with no kids and the wife has worked most of the time, it's not bad at all.

In Florida you won't pay any alimony for such a short marriage where the wife has worked the whole time. Even if your wife hires a really good attorney and asks for temporary (in FL it's called "Bridge the gap" and also "rehabilitative") alimony, the most will be half the length of the marriage, used to help her get on her feet. They will take into account both incomes and a need and ability to pay alimony.

No children means the biggest issue is not an issue, I.e. time sharing and parenting plan, exchanges, and child support.

It will cost much more if you have kids and are fighting a stay at home mom. All you need to do is asset/debt division and be done. If you're thinking divorce now, definitely do not have kids with this woman. It will make everything harder and will not make a bad marriage better. Just my opinion.

You can consult with a couple of attorneys for free (most do a free consult) and learn your options. Do it on the down low, of course. Do the research, read Florida state statutes chapter 61, and when you have the knowledge it's not something to be scared of. Much more scary to live in misery for a long time, I think.
Yea, I was thinking I should be in a good position, its just the horror stories that get me. I think I will go meet with a lawyer like your saying just to get the options. Thank You