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Frozen M3 - BPM/Rogue Engineering Upgrades

Just a quick post to let everyone know how satisfied I am with BPM and Rogue Engineering on some recent mods.

Below is a recap of the mods.

*BPM Performance Tune
*BPM Coding

*Rogue Engineering Test Pipes
*Rogue Power Pulley

This bolt on setup really made a difference in the cars performance as well as making the car more enjoyable to drive. The BPM tune along with Rogue Engineering Test Pipes/Power Pulley made a very noticeable difference in how the car pulls compared to stock. I thought this was the best way to go if you want to keep it NA.

The DCT Tune smoothed out the annoying DCT rough downshifts which bothered me , and the coding was a nice add-on (brighter angel eyes, no seatbelt chimes, auto mirror/window up/down functions with key knob, no more accept nav at start up, no more double pull handles, and more.)

Very happy with the set up!
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