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Originally Posted by fireline43 View Post
how much did you end up losing from the divorce?[/QUOTE

I was in Pennsylvania at the time. I had the choice to pay $1000 a month in alimony or assume her credit card debt. I chose the credit card debt as there was a light at the end of that tunnel. However I should of paid the alimony as it was only going to be till she married again and that was only about a year after her and I got divorced. I assumed $42,000 in her credit card debt when I could of gotten out with only paying around $12,000... roll of the dice I guess.

You are in a better position unless she has massive amounts of credit debt. Start putting money into an account you have someone elses name on as well. Of course someone you can trust with your money. and Cancel any and all credit cards she has access to. I didn't think my ex was capable of what she did, but she was and I didn't take the necessary precautions. She just became an all day shopper.

But in all seriousness... get out now! if there are no kids just get out. Put the house up for sale today or tell her to get out. it is better than humming and hawing about it and then deciding to do it later on down the road. the longer you stay there supporting her, the better argument she has for you to keep supporting her.
Thanks the the advice man. I would imagine if your paying alimony though all of a sudden she wouldnt want to get married to fast, either would the other guy. Banking 1k a month for no reason.