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Man, i have to say i've been having the ideas of divorce after 2 1/2 years of marriage. It just seems like we are not going in a good direction or have the same goals in life. My wife has gone through 3 jobs so far, quitting 2 and getting fired from one. She does not contribute whatsover to the home chores. No cooking or cleaning. When she stays at home, she just sits on the couch watching tv. I work my job, come home and cook dinner and clean up every day.
I've even just gave up at point and didn't do anything, I held out a month, but once the bathroom starts molding and crap, i mean come on. I feel I married a loser. She doesn't even want children, which i think would be her savior to hide behind.
I'm scard of divorce like people have talked about here though, because of how bad it can be financially and with her not having a stable job, I feel like I'd just have to pay for her. It's like I'm at the point I could care less being with women anymore (not turning gay), just living alone. I did it a couple years before her and was pretty happy.