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Originally Posted by killadelphiaM3 View Post
I wanted to know what you guys use to make your car smell fresh? I do a lot of fishing and outdoors stuff and my M3 is my DD, don't worry I don't use it like an F-150, I always put everything in bags with newspaper down in the trunk, always bring a change of clothes and shoes just in case and never leave anything in the car overnight or anything. Everything is always in the trunk, nothing in the cabin, even use anti-bacterial hand wash before I drive home and the car has an weird odor in the cabin, not bad but not fresh. Now my car doesn't smell as fresh as it used to and I've been using the same stuff to scent it, usually Febreeze or Yankee Candle scents.

Anyone know what the pro's use? I used to get my cars detailed at this place, closed down now, and when you got the car back it smelled amazing for weeks, they put something down the vents I think and you could always smell it every time you put the AC/Heat on. Thanks for the help.
I use Meguiars quick detail to clean the inside and I have Mr. Zogs Surf Wax air fresheners for the inside. I love the surf shop smell and surf wax. My entire interior smells new/surfwax. lol