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Originally Posted by flea333 View Post
Didn't find any dedicated threads to power washer reviews and how-to-use.

I figure a power washer is a great way to spray off the rocks, dirt and contaminants prior to washing them around and potentially scratching your coat. I saw a Honda 3000 psi power washer at Costco for $300 I was thinking of picking up.

Thing is, it's only use is rinsing, also I'd still have to towel dry since I can't find one that has a spot free rinse capability. I was hoping to have a container to put cleaning agents in the power washer too so I can add Jet Dry for spot free rinse. I was hoping to be able to avoid hand drying. I have a squeegee I used to get the major water off which was great, except the few times a small stone got stuck in the rubber and I put some nice lines in my paint.

Any suggestions on power washer use and if it's worth it?
I've been considering same thing. I rented a new gas unit for $70/day today and they said I could buy it and apply towards cost of purchase ($470). After combing detailing articles online though, don't think this is the way for me. Main reasons are possibility of damaging the paint and seems like although combining w/ foam cannon would be great, overall process would be sig slower and more cumbersome. I have an electric one I never use because too many steps involved.

Btw, if you are looking at this model at costco, it got bunch of negative reviews: