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Originally Posted by MMME30W View Post
Crap. I'm coming to the conclusion I will only be able to update to 2012 maps.

1. My car won't accept USB updates because it is pre 09/09 build.
2. The '13 update is one big package about 22M, which won't fit on a DVD-DL (Max 8 Gb)
3. Correct?

A. Anyone still on this thread have a set of 2012 update disks they would be willing to send me for postage?
B. Are the download links to the 3 2012 DVDs still available?
Thanks to this thread, I was finally able to update to the 2012 Maps today.

Especially appreciate the help from member 'Dracon' who provided the FSC code for a fair price in a few hours. Great service!

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