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Originally Posted by OilPatch View Post
Awesome man, thanks for the tips! And that's good to know about the clips I would have never thought of that. Do you remember did they just leave the trunk open while the glue set since they were using clips on the end?
I recall that the clamps were spring clamps but don't recall how they positioned the trunk. I would wrap two semi rigid foam blocks in a towel and place them between the trunk and the quarter panels so as to keep the trunk from fully closing, and leaving enough gap to use the clamps without touching the quarter panels.

You should do a few dry runs to make sure you're familiar with how the lip goes on the trunk and to get your steps down before using the betalink. Keep in mind that once you put the tape and clamps on you won't be able to clean up under those areas. I held the spoiler in place by hand, did all my cleanup, and then used the tape to keep it in place. After 24 hours, the betalink solvent will still work to clean up small areas as needed but it will be much tougher than before the adhesive cures.

When you apply the glue, keep the bead of glue in the middle of the gluing surface (~1/8" or so from the outside edge of the spoiler, i.e., the visible edge). That way, when you do apply it to the trunk, you'll have less squeeze out and more of the lip will have adhesive on it.