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Really? The feds is banning this? Are they running out of things to ban and regulate that they need to come up with stupid things to ban for their own job security?

Is their some sort of mechanics/ dealership union involved to make diy changes harder to do so that the owner just goes and pays for service?

This reminds me of how i had to buy a simple part for my AC unit at home. A simple $10 part that takes minutes to replace. What i found out was that the HVAC union made it so that you can only buy it at specialized stores and you need to show proof that you work in the industry. Which meant it would be a $150 to $200 service call to replace the stupid $10 part. I was able to buy it by paying off a technician outside of one of those stores that sell these parts because the store wouldn't sell to me!!!

I dont trust indy mechanics anymore. Found out a local indy mechanic changed my M3's oil with liquomoly 10w60 after requesting Castrol TWS 10w60 and they even claimed castrol in the receipt (confirmed after i changed the oil myself with a blackstone oil analysis). Then when I took my wife's VW CC for its dealer scheduled 30,000 mile maintenance at a local vw dealer, i found that they claimed they flushed my brake fluid and charged it to VW of America. I knew the dealership lied about it because a month earlier I flushed her cars fluid myself with ATE Blue. I asked the service advisor what color the fluid is supposed to be and he said amber. He apologized and offered to change the fluid but i didn't want to go back to their oe fluid.

Going diy is easier because i can do simple things on my own time, I'm not stuck with a mechanics work schedule and client schedule, and i feel confident that the fluids are changed.

Doing things like banning ATE blue is just stupid and makes it a little harder to diy... Not a big deal but its the principle behind it.