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Originally Posted by OilPatch View Post
for the clean up did you use what came with the kit or something different? also should while the glue is curing over the 24-48 hour process should I tape the spoiler with some blue painters tape or anything so it doesn't shift any?
Yes, I used the betalink cleaner that was included in the kit. I cut an old white t-shirt into small ~3X3" pieces so that I would not use all of the cleaner up. You can also control the cleanup better. I recommend you wear disposeable goves while using these chemicals as well (get ones that are chemical resistant).

I taped (painter's tape) my lip down very carefully so that it would not move. After doing it, I saw another thread where the OP used a set of small clamps to hold the ends of the spoiler down. I wish I had seen that before because the spoiler has a little curvature to it which causes the opposite ends to not rest completely flat on the trunk; tape was not strong enough to hold it down. Not a big deal but would have been nice to know ahead of time.

Originally Posted by OilPatch View Post
Also at the risk of asking the dumbest question of all time, do I put the beta link along the entire lip of the spoiler? I'm assuming yes, but I don't want to get anything wrong with this since there is no going back once the beta link is on there
It's better to ask a question and be informed than to not ask it and make a mistake because of an incorrect assumption.

I put the betalink all the way around. I recall that the mounting surface of the lip goes all the way around and I just followed that area. My thought was that if you did not seal the entire area, water could get in there and have a tough time finding its way out.