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Originally Posted by AndreyT View Post
GOPers hate Rolling Stones specifically for their series of recent financial crisis-era articles, which explained how that crisis came to be and exposed the gang of Bush's homies pumping public money into their pockets. RS played a major role in destroying the the GOP mythology about "democrats' liberal policies that lead to real estate crisis" and similar drivel. GOP spent massive amounts of money on developing that mythology, so when it was blown into nothingness in an instant, GOP fuhrers became quite furious. The orders to start the anti-RS campaign were barked a few years ago and never lifted, which is exactly what is behind the "special" attention RS receives from internet footsoldiers of GOP "viral propaganda" gangs.
I do believe that the Dems controlled the national pocket book since 2006 and not GWB or the GOP. So your crap doesn't flush.

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