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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Don't know if you've already done 255/275? ZCPs can easily handle that.

And I'm saying this in general. I've never felt like I've ever had traction issues really, even with the 220M's my car came with. I think DSC kicking in from 1st to 2nd from a standstill is to be expected. How many 400+ hp RWD cars do we know that won't chirp the tires at all when launching hard?
I switched from Conti in stock size to PSS in stock size and that was a big difference right there. I may actually switch to 275 rear when these rears go (which will certainly be before the front) I don't think a 10mm increase in stagger is going to affect things terribly. I am currently running 12mm spacers front and rear because I like the look. Can't do this with 255 fronts without rubbing. If I want to maintain the look/stance with 255's, I will need 9.5" wide wheels with a 25mm offset in front. That would mean, for me, a set of HRE's....19x9.5 ET25 front and 19x10 ET20 rear with 255/275 tires. Just not certain I want to spend that kind of money when the stock ZCP wheels are so hot looking, and the performance increase isn't huge.
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