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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Get bigger rubber in the rear then, problem solved. Honestly, the power is definitely welcomed, but I think my favorite part about what Benvo did to the M3 is the Servo. That to me makes all the difference, especially in M mode.

Also, when I was on ZCP's, my DSC light would flash very quick between 1st and 2nd. But it's not like it was completely out of control by any means.
Slippery slope.....Wider rear tires means wider front tires to maintain the handling composure. This means aftermarket wheels if I want to maintain the fitment that I want.

All I am saying is that the subjective feel is more the important thing here, and that the fact the the DSC kicks in more isn't something to specifically be happy about. No different than the current crop of M5 owners who want to boost power to over 600hp which can be very easily done. What's the point? The car can't properly put even it's existing power to the ground.
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