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I have been watching NBA since 1990 and there are ONLY number of games I miss each season. I don’t love or hate either player so my comments are 110% unbiased.

There is no way you can compare 2 players without breaking comparison into pieces. I am going to exclude MJ since he is a class of his own that no one else belongs. Also this thread is about Kobe vs LBJ.

Also it doesn’t make any sense to compare 34 year old player to 28. So I will compare their carriers instead of what they can do today.

- Scoring:
LBJ has improved his scoring tremendously in the last 2 seasons by adding his post up moves. But over all Kobe has been a better scorer than LBJ. So Kobe > LBJ : Kobe=1, LBJ=0

- Rebounding:
Well, there is no comparison here. LBJ > Kobe : Kobe=1, LBJ=1

- Passing
Again, there is no comparison here. LBJ > Kobe : Kobe=1, LBJ=2

- Defending:
Kobe is a solid defender but LBJ is a MUCH better defender. LBJ > Kobe : Kobe=1, LBJ=3

- Efficiency:
Many people don’t realize the importance of efficiency. LBJ has been improving his efficiency every year (way over 50% now while Kobe has always been sub 45% scorer) LBJ > Kobe : : Kobe=1, LBJ=4

- Playing multiple positions:
Kobe can play 2 position at best. But LBJ can play 4 positions. LBJ > Kobe : Kobe=1, LBJ=5

- Being clutch:
LBJ’s biggest weakness was running away from a big shot when it really counts. He has done this many many times in the past. But he has tremendously improved in the last 2 years as we saw him taking big shots in playoffs. But Kobe has never run away biggest moments. Actually he always wanted to be in that situation. So Kobe > LBJ : Kobe=2, LBJ=5

- Being a better leader/making teammates better/sharing the ball:
Kobe has the worst team leader super star ever play the game. Yes he has improved a lot which helped him win 2 rings after Shaq. On the other side LBJ has been a great team leader since day one. That’s how he was able to take shitty Cleveland to finals. Yes he handles his departure from Cleveland as poorly as could be but this doesn’t make him a bad team leader. LBJ > Kobe : Kobe=2, LBJ=6

So, in the end, LBJ > Kobe (6 to 2). Yes Kobe has 5 rings but this can not be the only factor determining who is better. Kevin Durant will probably never win a championship because he play for a small market team which can not effort spending money in a way that Lakers or Miami can. Also LBJ will probably win 2 or more rings before he retires.

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