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Talking ..::PSI::.. G-Power SKII CS

Hey guys,

We're selling a G-Power SKII CS kit that was used as a demo car. The kit has no more than 750 miles on the kit.

Here's some info on the kit.

G-POWER M3 Supercharger system SK II CS "Sporty Drive" - plus 180 hp - (Export)
Basis: M3 V8, 420 hp (309 kW)/400 Nm increased to 600 hp (441 kW)/580 Nm

Consisting of:

Forced Induction: ASA T1-522 supercharger; supercharger lubrication through bypass from motor oil circuit; ultra stiff, weight optimized CNC shaped supercharger bracket system made from aluminium including an extended support aggregate belt drive for the superchargers drive.
Air Duct: Dual flow air intake box made from carbon fibre (double air filter system with twin RAM air intake tubes); CAD-FEM flow optimized boost recooling system consisting of an air duct made from aluminium cast, high capacity air-to-air intercooler made from aluminium cast in the carís front and a large volume airbox made from aluminium cast, including 8 integral resonance induction pipes made from light polyamide, ensuring an optimal throttle response and a perfect torque curve; pneumatic controlled, engine load related boost control; boost level approx. 6 psi rel.

Engine Modification: 8 fuel injectors with enlarged mass flow; 8 colder racing spark plugs for an optimal ignition timing.

Fuel Management/Electronics: Custom made software for the standard BMW engine and DCG- transmission electronic control unit (BMW OBD stays completely untouched), enabling an unlimited top speed of max. 320 km/h (max. 330 km/h with DCG), according to the capacity of the tyres.

This kit comes with the now discontinued carbon fibre airbox.
Tune/Flashing cable (provided brand new from G-Power)

Price is $12,000.

Save over $7,100!