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You see, it's the principle of the whole thing...
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I had a JL arkym rep lip from them that was too short on the sides (like 1/2" on each side) but fit like a glove and was very strong. I once parked into a curb stopper and it the lip picked my car up going over the curb. At the time it bugged me the sides were a tad too short. But the actual filament was pretty dam good around the curves of the bumper. It was dam near perfect.

I now have a arkym lip and its a JOKE. It meets the fenders edge, but its flimsy compaired to the JL lip. The filament SUCKS ass on mine. Dealing with them is a joke! They told me to have it reinstalled and once it was confirmed my lip had issues, they wouldnt replace it because I had already installed it with set screws.

No lip is perfect so from now one I will only buy replicas. JL is pretty good stuff for the money. If I was to do it again, I would get the JL over the real one. I feel like I got ripped off with the Arkym.
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