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Originally Posted by sylonien View Post
I'm just worried that if I ran new rotors with these pads they would cause the same issue?

Cause wouldn't the pads have the opposite grooves on them now like the ones on the disc?
No, you wouldn't have the same issue after bedding-in. Yes, the pads will have uneven surfaces mirroring the old discs' surfaces, but the process of bedding-in will mate the surfaces up properly. Obviously, there is no harm in changing the pads as well, but given that your current pads have a decent amount of life left, why waste.

Even with new pads AND discs, you will encounter the same issue initially, as the surfaces will not be mated up properly, and the brake feel you will get, is very similar to what you are feeling now. The key is bedding the brakes in.

The past couple of performance cars I've gotten from new, have exhibited poor but adequate braking performance and pedal feel. Whenever I swap my road pads to my track pads, I also get poor performance and pedal feel. It's all down to bedding the brakes in and getting the opposing surfaces to mate up properly. If you had two bars of soap with uneven surfaces, and rubbed them together, eventually they'll both smooth out.

Obviously, if upon changing the discs, you find that the pad surfaces are very deeply grooved and pitted, then change them, as by the time the pads mate up properly to the new discs, the pads would have worn down significantly, where it would have been more cost effective to put new ones at the same time as changing the discs.

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