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Originally Posted by HP Autosport View Post
Yes, that is correct. Swift designed these springs around the OE bump stops, with proper linear rates and height there is no bottoming issues, including several of our customer who track their M3's at very bumpy tracks.

Most of the reports of bottoming were from progressive and often too much drop Eibach or H&R springs.
I ordered mine and included the e36 M3 bumpstops just cause it seems to make sense that you would need them. From what people say, there is actually very little travel in the stock front suspension before it hits the stock bumpstops. So with these springs wouldn't you basically be riding directly on bump stops if you kept the original ones or am I wrong there?

I just wonder what the pros and cons are of using these springs with the e36 M3 bumpstops versus the stock ones? Mostly for DD use, but i do go to the track like 8-10 times per year.

Are the e36 M3 bumpstops progressive like the e92 M3 ones? And how much shorter are the e36 M3 bumpstops vs the stock ones?