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I've been very happy with the V3's on my E36 M3 that has been dd for over 30,000 miles now and has seen the track quite often.

No they are not highly sprung or the best for primarily track duty (which case the higher sprung ClubSports, or JRZs, etc... would be better suited), I think the V3 is a great option for a DD setup that sees the track.

FWIW, I usually am within 2-3 clicks from full stiff on compression F&R while being 1-7 clicks from full stiff F&R on rebound for track use. Many V3's ive seen are set in the middle of the adjustment range which IMO is too soft and useless. I also feel only the 1/4 (from full stiff) of the KW's adjustment range is where you should be for street or track use.