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Originally Posted by Scottsard32 View Post
Can you not get the discs skimmed as an interim improvement before new discs are required, especially with low mileage?
No, there is no point skimming them; the main problem is not the uneven surface of the discs, rather, they have worn below minimum thickness, which means the compound has changed, and the structural integrity is now compromised - will be prone to severe cracking.

Sylonien, your pads are definitely above minimum thickness, and your brake wear sensor wires would not have been triggered, so all you really need to change are the discs and have the brake fluid checked. Saying that, think twice above ATE Superblue, as the blue tinge pretty much stays in your lines forever even if you flush it with other fluids in the future. I would personally recommend Castrol React Performance DOT 4 if you want a bit of an improvement over OEM for a similar price.

After you have changed your discs, and your pads and fluid are checked to be fine, do not expect brake performance (or pedal firmness) to return to normal immediately; it takes time for the surface of the old pads and the new discs to mate up perfectly, or you could accelerate the process by bedding the pads and discs in in a methodical manner.

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