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Originally Posted by NNJCarGuy View Post
Thank you all for your feedback. So now it's coming down to sound and looks. I combed the net on prices. At this point they're within $200 of each other.

Sound - Leaning towards the MPE.
Looks - The Akra, hands down.

I don't plan on going to a full system so that's not an issue.

Decisions decisions....
I said the exact same thing. 1 month after I got the rear section I ordered test pipes from Turner. I can't tell you how much better the car sounded after not to mention the very noticeable added power. fast forward 4 months and i'm on the wait list the the MRF motorsport x-pipe! I won't even mention how many other rear sections I've considered swapping in even though I already really enjoy the one I currently have on. As soon as you here other M3's with different set ups in person its hard for the mind not to wonder...

If you really don't even believe its a possibility you'll eventually modify your mid-pipe I say the MPE sounds better as a slip-on only. With that said consider even BMW never used that exhaust on any of their factory racers. Also all the new BMW Performance exhausts are made by Akrapovic.