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DIY diff bolt replacement?

I'm looking for a diy on this? I can't seem to find one? It looks like the torque specs are:

E92 diff bolt torque
Yes, 100NM on all bolts for the rear sub-frame to the body

The smaller of the bolts which break on the rear differential are torqued to 100 nm or 74 ft/lbs.

The large diff bolt is torqued to 165 nm or 122 ft/lbs.
35 nm or 26 ft/lbs for the nuts on the exhaust bracket.

However, what size socket tools PN for bolts etc.? I think one of mine is bad because the right rear kicks like a donkey and want to get all the info before crawling under there. Thanks!

Here are the PN'S for the bolts from searching:

Mainly I'm looking for what socket size extension etc. are necessary to make it easy. Thanks!