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If you go to the east coast of China, definitely you can see lots of super cars. I have read one article which said 80% of supercars sold in China are bought by people came from one province which is called Zhejiang in China. It is true that supercars are kind of status in China. Richest people in China have AM one-77 even Zonda R, but they are not crazy people like we saw in the videos. Actually, they are just like folks in states want to have a awesome garages. The problem in China is not rich people buy expensive cars. It is rich businessmen buy super cars for their children. Well, if your children are well educated, I would like to say it is ok to give them super cars, I think whomever wants children to be healthy wealthy drive ferarri Lambo AM when they can. However, most super car drivers in China are kids without knowledge and even basic moral senses. This' s the problem.
As I live in Toronto, it is also very easy to see Chinese kids drive super cars. One of my client is one this group and he told me they don't know car very well actually, they just want this kind of status and be a super panty dropper. Once you get a super car, thousands of Chinese chicks are waiting for you.