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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
I think 67.9k is right. This is a 2013 M3 with reasonable mileage, if that is the combo you want get it or you will regret it. They are getting hard to find especially MT ones. If you wanted to buy new you'd have to pay at least MSRP+ now and with dct. I ordered one of the last ED 2013 in may/june and my dealer added 2 new M3 on his lot, they were gone before I am getting mine here.
Sorry man going to have to disagree with you. I understand their getting harder to find but the fact remains that this car with the options it has. (Metallic paint, leather interior. Prem pkg and ZCP has an MSRP of around 71k and an invoice of 66.5. Are you saying that a car that's been driven 7k miles and is now 8 months into the warranty should go for over invoice price? Is there no deprecation on this car? It's a great car with a great color combo but anything over 63k is too high IMO, but if they think they can get that for it all the luck to them