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RLL-TR-80-2 Heavy Duty Race Ramps trailer ramp

Reverse Logic has earned a reputation for offering custom Race Ramps service ramps for low ground clearance cars. We stock 72", 80", 87", 89" and 99" service ramps. The inclines sections of all but the 72" ramps can either be used as trailer ramps or adapted for use as a trailer ramp.

The RLL-TR-80-2 trailer ramp is Reverse Logic's first dedicated trailer ramp offering. This ramp incorporates features found in Race Ramps tow truck ramps. Tow truck ramps are extremely durable and designed to work on the rough terrain that you are likely to encounter on the unpaved shoulder of a road.

The RLL-TR-80-2 ramp has the same profile as the incline sections of our 99" Progressive Incline Ramp with a trailer ramp adapter. However, both the top and bottom surfaces of the ramp will be reinforced increasing the capacity to 5000 pounds per pair. If you are unloading your trailered car on unpaved surfaces you should consider the RLL-TR-80-2 trailer ramps.

The useable section of the ramp is 75" long by 14" wide. The step at the end of the ramps is 5" long. The ramps are available with a 2" deep or 3" deep step. The ramps are a two piece design since the 80" length is too long to ship without significant surcharges. The two-piece ramp sections can be easily stored in your tow vehicle or even in the trailered car. At 3.5˚, the initial incline is lower than the slope on a RR-TR-5 trailer ramp, and at 6.7" high, the ramp is nearly as tall as the RR-TR-7 trailer ramp.

We started shipping the RLL-TR-80-2 ramp models before in July 2013.
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