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Originally Posted by Jive View Post
Deleting your cats does not pass emissions in California. Even high flow high quality cats in a mid pipe like in the Akra Evo would not pass California's emissions.

Also, I was told the other day that it is a $2500 fine if you run catless in CA.
Originally Posted by Sandye90m3 View Post
Thanks for the info, now does deleting the primary cats pass emissions of California? And does it carry that smell?

Because right now I'm debating whether I should get the Gintani Race or Sport rear section. I want to be able to hear it in the cabin, so that's why I'm leaning over towards the race side
Yea, you won't pass smog, but you have 6 years from buying the car to worrying about that . And cops aren't going to check for cats on a high end luxury car. Also, there is hardly any smell with just test pipes.