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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I'll never buy an AWD car as my fun performance car. For me RWD is what makes a car fun to drive. AWD just makes it safer and easier to drive. That's why Audi is never even a consideration for me. Not to mention the numb steering that comes with it. The RS5 would be a great car for my wife though. Same goes for the GTR. I don't care if it goes 0-60 in 1 second. The weight and AWD turns me off completely. The CTS V is just meh. Like others have said, its not special/focused enough. Just a big engine in a sport sedan body.

The closest competitor for me is the C63, but I much prefer a scalpel to a sledgehammer as many magazines describe it. High-revving N/A engines are what really get my attention. When I hear about cars that rev to 9000 rpms...
+1000. Couldn't agree more. The only car that matches the M3's fun for the money is the Corvette, but obviously a different level of practicality and build quality (not to mention Vettes don't age well from a looks perspective).
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