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Originally Posted by Sandye90m3 View Post
Hey guys quick question. This Mid-August I'm planning on getting a rear section exhaust, gintani race to be exact. However I'm not planning on changing the mid-pipe.

Also from my understanding there are two alternatives for the mid pipe; convert stock into test pipes or purchase an after market mid-pipe. What are the differences? I'm assuming these are similar to the suspension where springs are the cheaper alternative (test pipes) and coilovers are the more expensive quality (after market mid-pipe)

The reason I don't want to change the mid pipe is because I do not want to pollute the air anymore than it already is, and secondly I don't want any trouble from the 5-0.

So my question is, is it worth even upgrading the rear section exhaust to a after market one without changing the mid pipe?
For sound...absolutely worth it. For power boost... you will see little to none with a stock mid section. The restriction is not the rear section but all the cats (4) the stock midsection has.

Sounds like you should just get a rear section and call it a day. The dramatic sound improvement will have you believeing your car is now faster