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Hood bulge. Don't forget that. My car (bought used) had some chips on the leading slope of it. Maybe that's a good excuse to just get a CF hood.

I had XPel paint protection film applied to the front bumper cover and the leading edge of the hood, but not as far back as the bulge. Also, the backs of the side mirrors. Then, I had the panels done behind the rear wheels (rocker panels?). To have a skilled installer do it all was about $1k.

It needs to have sealant applied every couple months, and there's a special cleaner for when it gets dirty (which needs to be immediately followed by more sealant). It's not supposed to yellow or get cloudy, if you keep up on the maintenance.

I'd only apply it to key locations, and only if you're expecting to sell the car while it's still new enough that paint condition actually matters. Besides cost, don't forget that this stuff adds weight.