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Originally Posted by arkitectonix
As much as I love all the cars in the pictures, midnight runs, and a great hangout, I can't get past the idea of being illegally parked in Times Square to show off. It's a bit tacky and screams attention-whore.

Reminds me of a guy one time who parked his F430 by a trendy Meatpacking club with his fcking shades on at night blasting techno, all the while turning his head left and right to catch if anyone was staring.

Soon after, a black Aventador pulled up behind him and let his friend out as he quietly went to a parking garage. You should've seen the stare on the F430 driver's face.
I agree. The high police presence in Times Square is because it's one of the top terrorist targets in the world. They're not there to babysit a bunch of rich guys in their fancy cars... They're actually there for a reason.