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Originally Posted by Estoril Blue View Post
Some reading I did on it showed common complaints of having problems getting the spray thickness even out of a can. Uneven thickness causes adhesion problems apparently.
Yeah, I just watched some videos and it looks to be a PITA to apply and get right. Also, it will take 2-3 cans just to cover the hood and front bumper/fenders....that's $100! To me, the 3M Defender is more of a clear bra substitute, for those who may want to leave it on for a year.

What I'm looking for is temporary track day protection:
1. Something that shoots out of a can
2. Don't care if it is opaque/semi ugly
3. Goes on fast, no surface prep, extensive masking required, etc.
4. Is inexpensive
5. Tears off quick
6. Is good for a single event/weekend

Does this product exist?