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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
The 2 vendors I asked said it wasn't necessary as they are supposed to work with everything else stock. I'm still going back and forth. Kind of like, well you're in there, might as well?
Yep, I agree. It isn't necessary. I did it because it makes sense to me re: trying to keep as much travel as possible.

Originally Posted by SpiralOut View Post
Same here. I have no real beef with the OEM suspension. So i'm really wondering if i should even muck with it. I was mainly wanting the slight drop and thought the stiffer springs would do better on track.... plus the extra camber you get from this would be a bonus. I would just hate to mess up the nice balance it has from the factory.
Don't mess with it if it doesn't bother you. It eventually bothered me on the track, hence the switch.