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Originally Posted by arkitectonix View Post
As much as I love all the cars in the pictures, midnight runs, and a great hangout, I can't get past the idea of being illegally parked in Times Square to show off. It's a bit tacky and screams attention-whore.

Reminds me of a guy one time who parked his F430 by a trendy Meatpacking club with his fcking shades on at night blasting techno, all the while turning his head left and right to catch if anyone was staring.

Soon after, a black Aventador pulled up behind him and let his friend out as he quietly went to a parking garage. You should've seen the stare on the F430 driver's face.
We didn't go there for the attention. We went with friends to have a good time and get some video of the cars rolling through time square. We stop to regroup and ended up hanging out and talking with people that were walking by. It ended up being longer than we expected. There were officers on the corners and they didn't say anything to any of us except that they liked the vehicles. It was when a captain (or someone higher up) came out and made a seen. We weren't in any ones way or impeding the traffic.

We were in the wrong for parking there and deserved the tickets, which no one is complaining about.