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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
P300 huh? You know Schneid, I thought that you had showed a bit of contrition and thought that you would stop making stuff up. I signed on this morning to learn that the M5 / M6s have P300 now?

You might get away with your fabricated specs to your buds in a bar and you may even impress a member of the opposite sex (or same sex) but don't try this BS with hard technical data in expert forums.

The big problem is that you have lost all credibility on almost every topic and no matter how true your statements may be about your 335i, it gets lost when all the other BS that you have spouted.

Here is some more ass-hurt on the M5board from an M5 member who has a little professional race experience....he was being nice too....

Stop making stuff up and people might believe you on real things.
Whoa....M5ranger....I read his post over there, Yeah I would pretty much believe anything he says in regards to track racing. Somebody with that kind of experience is going to know his sh*t. I'd like to have him in my car the next time I'm at the track.
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