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Originally Posted by Cool Steal View Post
I bought mine used.
My car was fully loaded, sticker over 75k and the owner spared no expense.
My Clear looks exactly like yours...its fine, must be a different cut then these other guys ...or they paid more...I don't know cause I would never buy one.
Lets face it, it covers the majority and the probability is lowered that you will get a nick in that area, not worth paying more if it costs extra to get it closer....
I would never waste money on a total hood clear...come on people this is like putting a plastic cover on a sofa, war wounds are fine, we drive a sports car not a pretty boy sissy
Why would you spend $75k on a car just to let the paint get ruined?

Not sure about your paint but the paint on my M3 is 89 microns thick and is more delicate than any other car I've owned. Went from Nashville to the smokies this past weekend. Put about 600 miles on the car. Scored 5 new rock chips in the hood that can be seen from 10 ft away. Fortunately the car isn't going far from home for a while.

I love having the paint look wet. Unfortunately, having a bunch of dark dots on the hood really takes away from the effect.

The half hood doesn't cover the hump so to be effective the full kit is needed. Besides, who wants a big line through the hood? The full is barely perceptible.