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Originally Posted by marcva View Post
I faced the same story with our first. I had a modified E36 325i, and my wife drove a 4 dr E36M (long story). We found an Allroad that was in factory warranty with a CPO warranty as a hedge, sold my 325, and I took over the M.

After 8 months, we took the Allroad in for service...still in its factory period. We were charged for a new turbo and replacement CV joints. apparently those were considered "wear items" and excluded from the warranty...$2,500.

We sold the AR and bought an Odyssey minivan. I'm not going to start Minivan wars, but my wife loves her van with two young kids, and I appreciate the ability to walk to the back seat on longer drives to dole out meals, etc.

I keep offering to move her to something practical, like a 535xit (My top choice for a family hauler), but she insists on staying with the van.
It's hard to argue against the practicality of a minivan. My parents always rocked a Toyota van, pretty hard to beat the interior space and cargo hauling for a larger family. Thing that gets me about SUV's, especially the crossovers, is how little cargo volume there is compared to a wagon. Then the high center of gravity makes it roll city, seems to me it's all about a perceived "safety" factor. A volvo wagon has got to be as durable as anything on the road (those hilarious youtube vids where people try to wreck them).

Regarding the allroad, pretty surprising they'd consider a turbo a "wear/tear" item. Other than concerns with carbon buildup, I thought the 2.0T VAG engine was pretty reliable. I can see suspension pieces or bushings being wear/tear, not sure where CV joints fit in. CPO warranties are kind of fuzzy anyways, probably depends on your relationship with the dealership. But 8 months seems way too early to start milking someone. A mechanical AWD system will definitely be worse to maintain over the lifetime of the car, cost will be more if German for obvious reasons.