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Originally Posted by lvwirelessguy View Post
For a guy who has driven his BMW's at speeds exceeding 190mph on public roads , you dont seem very knowledgeable at all about the M6 that you supposedly "own". Not sure if RFTs come with the car, Have no clue what the M button does or can be programmed to do.

Me thinks that before you hit us with your M6 knowledge you should read up about the car then try again.
I have no clue? Dude, do you even know how to put your DT running lights on? The M button has different modes P300 P400 P500 and P500 Sport, maybe a little different on the low end, it can be programed to adjust traction control HUD power and suspension.

Also, im gonna probably do a quarter and some rolling runs with this M5 on saturday. Hes got a 100 shot of NOS, well do some with and without just for kicks (Obviously ill get owned with it) hes also got downpipes and exhaust, and i think some intake work, ill still be fine . Maybe ill throw a 25 shot before the intercooler just for kicks, yall will be told if i do it and when its on and off .