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Originally Posted by r3zon8 View Post
Everyone's comments seem to pose the same question, and given my observations so far I think this is a valid question for Lux.:

If the blue LEDs in the v4 module were switched for white LEDs, what would be the result?

I'm assuming these modules must be engineered around a target thermal envelope. How much load can you pull from the factory harness? How much current can the electronics in the v4 unit output? All questions that (and this is all speculation) would dictate if you could make the LED module with ONLY white LEDs and then light them all at the same time at full power.

My personal taste is ALL white, as bright as safely and RELIABLY as possible.
hey, that's the best review i ever saw about the Lux H8 V4.
Well i made an order yesterday also, and i can't wait for it.

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