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Originally Posted by Hujan View Post
Thanks for the feedback. I should have specified: I have a ZCP car. I'm assuming that means I'd get lower still. Not sure if that changes your opinion. Is it possible to get shaved guide supports separately? Combining those with the KW Sleeve would seem to be exactly what I had in mind.

Ohlins R&T, huh? I'm not as familiar with Ohlins as I am with KW, other than knowing they have an awesome reputation. How are the Ohlins on the street?
You will not go any lower than a non-ZCP car. In fact, this means you will have little, if any, noticeable drop with the Dinan over ZCP.

Yes, you can mill down the guide supports yourself, I am not familiar with the exact process. Malek from MRF engineering on the forums sells them I believe.

The Ohlins are a higher end dampener, better than the KWs.