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Originally Posted by DrewKo View Post
Hey man, I hope you do have a very fast 335i that can beat out an M5...I guess what we should be asking you is how you get 430whp with the mods you listed. Maybe I can do the same before V2 comes out. What is giving you that significant HP boost besides Procede? Tx.
Intake, full exhaust, Downpipes, Methanol, Intercooler. Probably forgetting something in there, Methanol deffinatly added alot of power same with all the parts we developed. When thoose turbos are almost completely free to move (Intake full exhaust) they change quite a bit, the car hits a constant 15psi and all that messed with boost was the procede. We had to replace the diverter vaulves because they wont hold that high of a boost for long, before we swapped them it would drop down to about 9 psi before 6500. Now it just there from 3k on.