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Originally Posted by Hujan View Post
Thought I would bump this thread. I am looking for a suspension setup that will give me a mild cosmetic drop with the least impact on OEM ride quality. A little performance gain would be a bonus.

I am trying to decide between Dinan and KW Sleeve Kit. The Dinan approach -- changing the suspension components to achieve a drop without losing suspension travel -- seems ingenious. On the other hand, I like that the KW Sleeve allows one to dial the ride height.

I can't tell whether the KW Sleeve Kit also changes any components to preserve suspension travel. But if not, it seems to me that the ideal setup would combine the two: modified components as in the Dinan kit with the KW Sleeve Kit. Not sure if this is possible or economically viable, but it seems to me that it would be ideal.

Short of a way to combine the two, has any consensus emerged as to which is the preferred kit? (I realize there is a thread on this exact subject; I've read it, but it didn't seem to yield any firm conclusions.)
KW Sleeve kit preserves travel by supplying shorter bump stops. The dinan kit provides shaved guide supports as well as shortened bump stops so I would think the dinan kit should have more travel. You could shave down your guide supports and use them with the KW sleeve kit but I don't think its necessary.

IMO the Dinan kit is not worth it since the drop is not really noticeable, about the same height as a stock ZCP.

Like you, I wanted an OEM ride, just lower so I ended up going with the Ohlins R&T coilovers which go for around $2950 but are a great value whereas IMO the KW sleeve and dinan kits are way overpriced.