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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Its NOT a sealant, its a clear bra. Think of a large sheet of clear package tape form fitted to the front of your car. When a rock comes slamming into your front bumper at 70mph, the tape gets nicked instead of the paint.

No it isn't. It's a paint sealant. I have a clear bra on my car; supaguard is a high durability paint sealant applied by dealerships. They usually charge $300-$700 for it, and it's no better than almost any sealant you can get for under $40 online. The one benefit is the warranty they give you (they will repair any bird etchings, sap damage, etc), but then the question is - do you REALLY want the dealership repairing paint damage on your car?

FWIW, the cost is not actually 200 pounds. Just do me a favor, read the fine print in the contract you get with it. It will say "needs to be re-applied every 6 months to a year" etc... the same as any paint sealant you can apply yourself in an hour (or less).

Like I said though, if you like the warranty then it's probably worth 200 pounds.